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  • Wanla 8-chörten-building restoration

The Achi Association India

In 2010 the Indian organization Achi Association India was founded and carried out its first heritage preservation project in 2011. Achi Association India emerged from a fruitful cooperation with Achi Association Switzerland.

The Achi Association India is a non-profit organization registered under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 having its base at New Delhi. It is founded by people dedicated to the preservation of Buddhist heritage and scholars specialized in the early Art and Architecture of the Himalayas. Its aim and purpose is to contribute to the preservation of the extraordinary but endangered cultural heritage in the Himalayan region and particularly in Ladakh.


In 2011 the Achi Association India started its first project in Ladakh, the restoration of the Kagan Chörten in the village of Wanla. Funded by the Cultural Preservation Program of the German Foreign Office and private donors, the project was implemented during the summer of 2011. Participation by village volunteers was high and three years later the community still praises the project.

Successively, in 2013 another heritage preservation project took place in Wanla, named Conservation of wall paintings in the Avalokiteshvara Temple and revival of the Heritage Path in Wanla

During this campaign important talks with the village community took place to evaluate Achi Associations past activities in Wanla and plan further projects. Gratitude was expressed for the past work of Achi Association in the Avalokiteshvara temple and at the Kagan Chörten, and assistance requested for the upkeep of the religious structures alongside the ancient pilgrimage / circumambulation path, further on named Heritage Path

In 2014 Achi Association India aimed to carry forward the revitalization of the Heritage path, with the restoration and conservation of a significant building on its way, the 8 chörten building

The 8 chörten building is located in the old part of Wanla, called Zomal. It is a structure housing the eight different types of chorten with a roofed circumambulation path. It was traditionally owned by one family, but has been handed over to the community to gain more support for its upkeep.



Achi Association India • Delhi Office

E-1, Lower Ground Floor, Lajpat Nagar – III,

New Delhi-110024, India

Corporate Identity Number: U93000DL2011NPL216295

Director: Joyoti Roy

Co-Directors: Deldan Angmo & Abeer Gupta


Achi Association India • Leh Office

Office Manager: Jigmet Namgial (Tia)

Konchok Thinlas (Kanji)

Konchok Motup (Skurbuchan)

Achi Association India, Leh Office: since 2014 in Nowsher, Leh.
Leh Office