Achi Association
  • Conservation work in the Avalokiteshvara temple in Wanla
  • Restoration of the Kanji Tsuglag-khang temple structure
  • Youth training group measuring architecture


After different monuments had been surveyed in the beginning, since several years the Achi Association team carries out site work on various structures in the villages Kanji, Wanla and Skurbuchan in lower Ladakh.

Some investigation work has also been executed on a historic building in the village Skurbuchen, also in lower Ladakh, and in a small temple in the village Phyang near the capital Leh. The temple’s conservation state has been monitored all the while.
One of the main goals of the Achi Association is the training of craftspeople and caretakers of the historic structures. Additionally, a three-year ‘Pilot Youth Training Program’ could be launched thanks to the support of the Getty Foundation (Los Angeles, USA). The workshops and fieldworks are carried out in Ladakh and in Dehra Dun. Further, the page ‘future plans’ informs about planed projects and monuments taken into consideration for site work.