Achi Association
  • The historic core of Kanji village
  • Conservation work in the Tsuglag-khang
  • The newer historic temple in Kanji


Kanji is a village in the Kargil district. Since 2007 it can be accessed also by car, passing through a small river valley from the village Heniskot, which lies on the Srinagar-Kargil-Leh highway.

The village is situated on an intersection of three valleys at an altitude of 3875 m. Approximately 20 families farm the immediate area. The historic core of Kanji is situated on an impressive cliff overlooking the valley. Apart from the privately owned family houses, the village has several community owned or public buildings.

Among the most important buildings is also the oldest village temple, which, according to local tradition, is attributed to the great translator Rinchen Zangpo (Rin-chen-bzang-po; 958-1055). In fact, the Tsuglag-khang temple is approximately 700 years old and presumably dates from the period when Kanji was part of a local kingdom ruled from Wanla. It is more or less contemporary with the three-storeyed temple in Wanla. The Tsuglag-khang is a conservation site of the Achi Association.

During a work campaign, a first survey of the conservation state of two other old village temples was carried out. Additionally, a group of the Achi Association’s architectural team, most group members affiliated with the University of Udine (School of Architecture), Italy, is preparing a conservation manual for the historic core of the village.